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Message From the President and CEO

SEDL’s mission is to strengthen the connections among research, policy, and practice in order to improve outcomes for all learners.

Dear Friends:

Living on the edge can be exhilarating. As an avid backpacker who enjoys the mountains, I have experienced the thrill of reaching the top while knowing how dangerous the entire endeavor can be. At SEDL, we find our passion by conducting rigorous research and providing the latest evidence-based solutions and technical assistance to support our clients. This mission is what gets us to the office every day—our commitment to strengthening the connections among research, policy, and practice in order to improve outcomes for all learners.

SEDL President and CEO, Wes Hoover We are invigorated by the opportunity we have through our Comprehensive Centers to work side-by-side with state departments of education, helping build their capacity to create changes in the way they approach education issues. Through our school support work, you will see how we raise the bar of student achievement by evaluating programs, capacities, and processes to ensure educators are meeting the needs of their students.

We are excited to revise one of our most popular works, formerly known as Paso Partners. Now named Mosaic, the free program supports science, mathematics, and language instruction with a focus on English learners. Our community and family engagement work is deepening connections and convening stakeholders to strengthen student learning. Our research work embodies the most rigorous, yet innovative approaches to answer pressing curriculum questions. And the work we do in our Knowledge Translation for Employment Research Center is internationally known and making disability research accessible to all who need it.

Other important developments include honing our capacity to employ the latest technology for online learning modules, Web-based monitoring systems, and educational webcasts that enable a thousand people to learn at the same time.

In 2011, SEDL sharpened its own perspective by looking inward through a strategic planning process and outward as part of a brand positioning process. The result is an organization that embraces change, strives for innovation, and is willing to go to the edge for its clients.

We deeply appreciate your continued support.

Wes Hoover
Wesley A. Hoover