SEDL President's Awards to Staff

Continuing a tradition of honoring staff that began in 1991, each year SEDL's president and CEO presents two staff awards, named for Mr. Rogers L. Barton and Dr. Edwin Hindsman, whose careers and contributions at SEDL personified excellence in educational research and in services to children. The Barton Award is given for outstanding contributions to SEDL's educational research and development, while the Hindsman Award is given for work directly affecting children. Below is a list of award recipients.

2014 Rogers L. Barton Award 2014 Edwin Hindsman Award
Dale LewisDale Lewis, a program manager who directs the Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC), was awarded the Rogers L. Barton award, which honors outstanding contributions to SEDL's educational research and development. One of the primary goals of the TXCC is to build the capacity of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to support school improvement. Under Lewis’s leadership, the TXCC has developed and delivered work to support a wide-range of TEA needs, including those related to school turnarounds, school improvement, student learning objectives, expanded learning, and teacher and principal evaluation and support. Lewis’s commitment to excellence is just the ideal Mr. Barton would urge us all to embrace. Sylvia PirtleSylvia Pirtle, a project director with the Center for High-Performing Schools, was awarded the Edwin Hindsman award, which honors outstanding SEDL service on behalf of children. Through the Center for High-Performing Schools, Pirtle has helped secure, develop, and deliver high-quality, long-term professional development and coaching to urban teachers and school and district staff to establish and operate professional learning communities. This work will positively impact all of the children these professionals engage, now and into the future, including those underserved students that Dr. Hindsman was so focused on.

Year Rogers L. Barton Award Edwin Hindsman Award
2013 Shaila Abdullah Kathleen Theodore
2012 Erin McCann Concepción Molina
2011 Sarah Caverly Stuart Ferguson
2010 Eric Waters Ed Tobia
2009 Joann Starks Robin Jarvis
2008 Cliff Pierron Danny Martinez
2007 Nancy Reynolds D'Ette Cowan
2006 Michael Vaden-Kiernan Judy Waisath
2005 Melissa Dodson Tom McVey
2004 Lacy Wood Brian Litke
2003 Zena Rudo Cynthia Pasadeos
2002 Sue Street Marie Kaigler
2001 Leslie A. Blair Jill B. Slack
2000 Marilyn J. Heath Catherine F. Jordan
1999 Patricia L. Guerra Debra Meibaum
1998 Joan L. Buttram Lillian E. King
1997 K. Victoria Dimock Maria E. Torres
1996 Joyce S. Pollard Deborah V. Jolly
1995 Dave A. Wilson John D. Westbrook
1994 Shirley M. Hord Maggie Rivas
1993 Martha Boethel David L. Williams
1992 Arnold W. Kriegel Criselda Garza
1991 Wesley A. Hoover Betty J. Mace-Matluck