SEDL Staff Directory

By Program/Department By Last Name of Staff

Staff Member Title Phone
Abdullah, Shaila Media Design Associate 512-391-6500
Acuña, Magdalena Web Applications Associate 512-391-6501
Alvarez, Margaret Administrative Secretary 512-391-6502
Arellano, Brenda Research Associate 512-391-6602
Baldwin, Marion Program Associate 512-391-6503
Barkowski, Elizabeth Research Associate 512-391-6598
Bauman, Tracy Administrative Assistant 512-391-6517
Beck, Sarah Research Specialist 512-391-6546
Bell, Nance Research Associate 512-391-6527
Boydston, Steven Research Assistant 512-391-6532
Brown, Darlene Project Director 800-644-8671
Burniske, Jackie Acting Director of Communications 512-391-6518
Causey-Konaté, Tammie Project Director 800-644-8671
Cavazos, Linda Program Associate 512-391-6523
Caverly, Sarah Project Director 512-391-6509
Chauvin, Ramona Program Associate 800-644-8671
Contreras, Mary Ann Operator/Receptionist 512-391-6568
Copeland, Glenda Program Associate 770-432-7675
Costello, Laura Research Specialist 512-391-6603
Cox, Chris Systems Administrator 512-391-6573
Darby, Crystal Administrative Assistant 803-936-0750
Davis, Garry Program Specialist 512-391-6617
Dimock, Vicki Chief Program Officer 512-391-6511
Dodson, Melissa Director of Evaluation 512-391-6606
Doggett, Don Program Associate 803-936-0751
Ferguson, Stuart Chief Financial Officer 512-391-6595
Fleming, Grace Research Specialist 512-391-6594
Foradory, Lori Accounting Specialist 512-391-6515
Frenzel, Amanda Administrative Assistant 512-391-6555
Ghazal, Rita Program Associate 512-391-6543
Goertzen, Heidi Program Associate 334-826-4003
Harris, Cheryl Program Associate 512-391-6516
Henry, Chad Research Assistant 512-391-6612
Herrera, Angelica Research Associate 512-391-6577
Hoover, Wes President and CEO 512-391-6521
Howard-Brown, Beth Program Manager 803-936-0752
Jones, Deborah Administrative Assistant 512-391-6615
Keizer, Janice Program Associate 512-391-6552
King, Loretta Administrative Assistant 512-391-6525
Lasserre-Cortez, Shannon Research Associate 800-644-8671
LaTurner, Jason Project Director 512-391-6570
Lewis, Dale Program Manager 512-391-6513
Liberty, Sue Human Resources Generalist 512-391-6528
Litke, Brian Information Technology Manager 512-391-6529
Long, Tracy Research Assistant 512-391-6514
Madison-Harris, Robyn Program Associate 225-751-8770
Martinez, Danny Program Associate 512-391-6533
Martinez, Luis Media Design Associate 512-391-6534
McCann, Erin Project Director 512-391-6535
Meibaum, Debra Program Associate 601-605-2221
Mellor, Lynn Project Director 512-391-6614
Middleton, John Web Administrator 512-391-6536
Molina, Concepcion Program Associate 512-391-6537
Muoneke, Ada Project Director 512-391-6540
Murphy, Kathleen Project Director 512-391-6541
Nail, Leslie Information Specialist 512-391-6522
Neeley, Ann Program Associate 512-391-6542
Pate, Kevin Administrative Secretary 512-391-6611
Pirtle, Sylvia Project Director 512-391-6545
Ramirez, Petra Administrative Assistant 512-391-6547
Reynolds, Nancy Information Associate 512-391-6548
Riley, Tashanda Moreno Administrative Assistant 800-644-8671
Rocha, Eduardo Web Administrator 512-391-6512
Rodriguez, Debra Research Specialist 512-391-6604
Rodriguez, Esmeralda Administrative Assistant 512-391-6539
Rodriguez, Sandy Executive Assistant 512-391-6553
Rollins, Brian Web Applications Specialist 512-391-6504
Rudo, Zena Research Associate 512-391-6554
Ruiz de Castilla, Veronica Research Associate 512-391-6601
Salas, Norma Administrative Secretary 512-391-6558
Salazar, Maria Administrative Assistant 512-391-6550
Shankland, Laura Communications Associate 512-391-6556
Sharp, Trent Program Associate 512-391-6572
Shuss, Matt Finance Supervisor 512-391-6526
Spence, John Program Associate 512-391-6596
Starks, Joann Program Associate 512-391-6557
Stoker, Ginger Research Associate 512-391-6506
Sullivan, Kate Research Associate 512-391-6569
Terry, Kathy Research Associate 512-391-6574
Theodore, Kathleen Program Associate 800-644-8671
Times, Chris Communications Associate 800-644-8671
Timmons, Kati Associate Development Director 512-391-6559
Tobia, Edward Program Associate 512-391-6560
Trirogoff, Felice Communications Associate 512-391-6505
Turner, Maria Human Resources Assistant 512-391-6520
Vaden-Kiernan, Michael Director of Research & Evaluation 512-391-6562
Van Kummer, Deborah Research Assistant 512-391-6551
Wackwitz, Joni Communications Associate 512-391-6507
Waters, Eric Web Applications Associate 512-391-6564
West, April Communications Specialist 512-391-6609
Westbrook, John Program Manager 512-391-6565
Williams, Ann Program Specialist 512-391-6519
Williams, Haidee Program Associate 512-391-6566
Wood, Lacy Director of Development 512-391-6567