Increased Capacity for Texas Virtual Learning

By building state capacity to develop virtual learning courses, the Texas Comprehensive Center is helping Texas strengthen its statewide system of support for schools in need of improvement.

Support for Developing Online Courses

teacher with young student

The Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC) at SEDL has been working closely with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to build its capacity to develop virtual learning courses. TEA is using these courses to strengthen its statewide system of support for schools in need of improvement. Online courses are increasingly popular for professional development because they present content in a consistent way and enable users to take the courses at their own pace and convenience.

PSP and SST Online Training Courses

In 2011 and 2012, SEDL staff collaborated with TEA to design and develop online training courses for professional service providers (PSPs) and school support teams (SSTs). These groups work with Texas schools and districts to improve student and school performance. Using a capacity building model that SEDL has refined over time, TXCC staff met with TEA to discuss their goals and objectives, collaborated to craft an efficient plan to achieve them, and then took the lead during development to model skills and techniques. Through this process, TEA staff have gained expertise and skills they are now applying as they take the lead in developing additional online courses.

The PSP course consists of eight lessons that incorporate video segments, handouts, note taking, and quizzes to check users’ understanding. The SST course adapts an in-person 3-day training into five interactive online modules. The free courses are being housed on Project Share™, TEA’s online learning platform.