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Welcome to the Science After School (SAS) Consumers Guide—a source for activities and resources that support great afterschool science

The SAS Consumers Guide contains reviews of high-quality, hands-on science content for afterschool programs. Materials include semester and year long curricula, activity kits, instructor guides consisting of many related activities, and Web sites that offer content appropriate for afterschool programs. Users of this guide are able to search and sort entries by title, subject, grade level, target audience, and cost.

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* Resources reviewed and recommended by afterschool and science content experts
See reviews by youth development and science content experts of over 50 afterschool science resources highlighted in the guide. Please share your experience with these resources by leaving your own review.


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Add a review for an afterschool science resource that is not currently listed in the guide.
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SAS Consumers Guide and the SMILE Pathway   The SAS Consumers Guide has partnered with the Science and Math Informal Learning Educators (SMILE) Pathway ( to provide free sample resources from most resources in the guide. The SMILE Pathway is collecting the best science and math hands-on activities on the web and creating tools and services—all designed especially for those who teach school-aged kids in non-classroom settings. Look for the SMILE widget on the right side of the resource pages.

View Videos of the Resources in Action Video Available

image of a video of a curriculum item in use

This new version of the Guide includes video resources for some curriculum items. Look for the icon in the curriculum lists.

Videos are currently available for the following resources:

For more videos on afterschool science check out the About the Guide page.

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