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Standards for the lesson plan
Physical Science: Family Science Night

Unifying Concepts and Processes:
  • Evidence, models, and explanations
    • Evidence consists of observations and data on which to base scientific explanations.
    • Scientific explanations incorporate existing scientific knowledge and new evidence from observations, experiments, or models.
Science Inquiry:
  • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    • Ask a question about objects in the environment.
    • Plan and conduct a simple investigation.
    • Employ simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses.
    • Use data to construct a reasonable explanation.
    • Communicate investigations and explanations.
  • Understandings about scientific inquiry
    • Asking and answering a question and comparing the answer to what scientists already know about the world.
    • Observing and describing objects
    • Experimenting.
    • Developing explanations.
    • Communicating results.
Physical Science:
  • Properties and changes of properties in matter
    • Objects have many observable properties.
    • Materials can exist in different states--solid, liquid, and gas.
  • Position and motion of objects
    • The position and motion of objects can be changed by pushing or pulling.
Science and Technology:
  • Abilities of technological design (Build a bubble blower)
    • Identify a simple problem.
    • Propose a solution--students should make proposals to build something or get something to work better; they should be able to describe and communicate their ideas.
    • Implement a proposed solution.
    • Evaluate a product or design.
    • Communicate a problem, design, and solution.
  • Understandings about science and technology
    • Inventing tools and techniques to solve problems
    • Working in teams.
These standards are from the National Science Education Standards National Research Council. National Science Education Standards. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1996. http://www.nap.edu/readingroom/books/nses/