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Standards for the lesson plan
Data and Probability: What Is the 'Best' Snack?

These standards and benchmarks are from McREL's online database, Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 education (4th edition, 2004) (http://www.mcrel.org/standards-benchmarks/.) The mathematics portion of the database was developed using National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards in addition to other nationally recognized standards documents.

Standard 1: Uses a variety of strategies in the problem-solving process
Grades K-2

Benchmark 2:

Uses discussions with teachers and other students to understand problems

Benchmark 3: Explains to others how she or he went about solving a numerical problem

Benchmark 4: Makes organized lists or tables of information necessary for solving a problem

Standard 6: Understands and applies basic and advanced concepts of statistics and data analysis
Grades K-2

Benchmark 1: Collects and represents information about objects or events in simple graphs

Grades 3-5

Benchmark 1: Understands that data represent specific pieces of information about real-world objects or activities

Benchmark 3: Understands that a summary of data should include where the middle is and how much spread there is around it

Benchmark 6: Understands that data come in many different forms and that collecting, organizing, and displaying data can be done in many ways

Standard 9: Understands the general nature and uses of mathematics
Grades 3-5

Benchmark 2: Understands that mathematical ideas and concepts can be represented concretely, graphically, and symbolically