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What We’re Reading This Summer

The summer months offer a chance to catch up professional and personal reading. For this month’s Tips & Tools, SEDL staff share what books and articles they are reading and why they may be useful to educators.

Leading change in your school: How to conquer myths, build commitment, and get results, by Douglas B. Reeves

“This publication makes for great summer reading since it is brief, engaging, and provides access to an online source of practical exercises in leadership.”

Bridging the gap between standards and achievement: The imperative for professional development in education, by Richard F. Elmore

Planning the possible: How schools can use stimulus dollars for lasting impact. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

“This resource can be very useful to educators as they try to decide how to use their stimulus money.”

District leadership that works: Striking the right balance, by Roberty J. Marzano and Timothy Waters

“This book provides evidence (via a rigorous meta-analysis) of the importance of district leadership to student achievement. The five basic findings from the author's analysis of the research on district leadership provide lots of fodder for those working with district leadership to support systemic and sustainable improvement.”

Systems thinkers in action: A field guide for effective change leadership in education, edited by Blane Després

“The 12 chapters in this book written by leading educational authors is helping me understand existing factors in our district and school systems that make change so difficult. Many of the factors and conditions discussed by the authors are those we found to exist when we tested our Working Systemically approach.”

Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell

"While not an education book, The Outliers is written in an engaging way and explores the impact of culture on achievement and success. In addition, it looks at how things like cut-off dates for school registration and signing up for the hockey league can have an impact on later success because of the opportunities provided to children born far ahead of the deadline. Gladwell also examines the impact of where one is born and even the year of birth and the potential opportunities provided due to those events. While it relies on correlational data, it does make one think about the importance of providing opportunities to every child."

Portland public schools: From data and decisions to implementation and results on dropout prevention, by Daniel Stid, Kate O’Neill, and Susan Colby

Subtractive schooling: U.S.-Mexican youth and the politics of caring, by Angela Valenzuela

Diverse learners in the mainstream classroom: Strategies for supporting all students across content areas—English language learners, students with disabilities, gifted/talented students, edited by Reynaldo Ramirez, Yvonne S. Freeman, and David E. Freeman

“This book provides research-based approaches and strategies for working effectively with diverse learners across the content areas.”

Originally published as part of the June 2009 issue of SEDL Monthly

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