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Autism Awareness Month

Man working on woodwork Through the Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders project, SEDL is providing research and resources to help people with autism spectrum disorders find and keep jobs. As a group, people with ASD experience low employment rates among people with disabilities. Moreover, the number of Americans diagnosed with ASD is on the rise. The VR Autism project is recognizing effective vocational rehabilitation programs and helping these programs share job coaching and outreach strategies. Project staff have also conducted systematic reviews on adult employment assistance services and school-to-work transitions for people with ASD. Learn more about SEDL’s VR Autism project.

Briefing Paper


Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics to English Learners at the Secondary Level

It is difficult for secondary-level English learners (ELs) to achieve academic success comparable to their non-EL peers. This is often because of linguistic challenges specific to secondary-level core-content areas, in addition to barriers faced by English learners in general. “Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics to English Learners at the Secondary Level,” a briefing paper from the Texas Comprehensive Center examines some promising strategies for teaching mathematics, science, and social studies to English learners.

Rapid Responset

Compensation Strategies to Address Teacher Shortages

Experts agree that expert teachers are crucial to improving low-performing schools and raising student achievement. Yet some states are facing difficulties attracting and retaining effective teachers in hard-to-staff schools. A rapid response from the Southeast Comprehensive Center explores compensation strategies—performance pay, bonuses, salary increases, performance-based awards, and other incentives—that may be considered to address the issue of teacher shortages.

Vocational Rehabilitation Autism


Our VR Autism project has hosted a series of webcasts to raise awareness and promote discussion on a variety of topics related to ASD. Topics include standards of evidence, systematic review procedures, effective outreach activities, and conclusions/implications from specific systematic reviews addressing topics of high interest to consumers of evidence-based research.



SEDL program associate Concepción Molina has written an article called “Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics From a Language-Focused Perspective” for the Spring 2013 issue of SEEN (SouthEastern Education Network) magazine.

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Has your district recently adopted Common Core State Standards? Join our effectiveness study; participating schools will receive free reading or math curricula materials and support that are aligned to common core standards. Find out how your school can participate.

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We have job openings at our offices in Austin, Texas; Montgomery, Alabama; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit our website to learn more.

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