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Study Volunteers
Researchers at SEDL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are undertaking a study that will determine the impact of Imagine It!, an Open Court Reading program, and Everyday Mathematics on teacher practices and student academic achievement. Learn more.Enroll your school or district in the study

New at SEDL
SEDL in the News
A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement was featured in The Daily Times of Salisbury, Maryland. The publication frames the discussion of family involvement efforts in Worcester County Public Schools. Read the article.

Videos from the National Policy Forum for Family and Community engagement are now available online. Panel 4 includes SEDL’s Catherine Jordan discussing opportunities for engaging families in school turnarounds. Watch the videos.

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College and Career Readiness
Helping High-Need Students Succeed in College and Beyond
Across the nation, states are working to increase their high school graduation and college enrollment rates. While the number of students enrolling in college has increased in many states, more than half of first-year college students find that they are not academically prepared for college. The latest issue of the Southeast Comprehensive Center’s eBulletin reviews some of the considerations and recommendations for increasing high school graduation rates and improving college enrollment for high-need students.

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Tips and Tools
Free Resources
Early Warning Data System
The Early Warning Data System Tool tracks research-based ninth-grade indicators related to high school dropout, such as attendance and academics, and automatically flags students who are below the specified benchmarks leading to graduation. It provides leading indicators so that school staff can quickly review data and plan interventions as early as 20 to 30 days after the beginning of the school year.

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  RtI Resources for High School
This section of the SEDL Web site provides resources that teachers have found useful in implementing the key components of Response to Intervention at the high school level: universal screening, high-quality instruction and intervention, progress monitoring, and the use of data to make instructional decisions.

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