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Texas Health-Care Workers Wanted for Disability-Related Study
Do you work in a Texas health-care facility and have a colleague or supervise someone who has a disability? Or do you have a disability and work in health care? SEDL is looking for participants for a disability-related study. Participants will receive a $25 gift card for a 30-minute phone interview. All calls are confidential. For more information, please e-mail or call 800-476-6861 and ask for Kathleen Murphy.

The Winter 2009 issue of SEEN (SouthEast Education Network) Magazine includes articles authored by SEDL employees Catherine Jordan and Danny Martinez.

An article in the News-Herald of Willoughby, Ohio, cites a SEDL research study on the importance of parental involvement in education.

An article in the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, cites a 2001 research synthesis conducted by SEDL's National Center for Family and Community Connections in Schools on the myths that persist among teachers about how to involve parents in their children's education.

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Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs
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Announcing the release of A Practitioner's Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs
Leaders of afterschool and expanded learning programs know well the many challenges involved in managing, organizing, and operating a high-quality program. In addition to providing engaging activities that boost students’ academic performance, afterschool leaders must oversee daily operations, support their staff, and sustain strong relationships with stakeholders. An upcoming publication from SEDL’s National Center for Quality Afterschool, A Practitioner’s Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs, explores the practices that can help afterschool leaders cover it all—great programming, terrific staff, positive relationships—and provides plenty of resources to lead and sustain successful afterschool programs.

Produced with the support of the C.S. Mott Foundation, the guide shares the insights gained from a 5-year research study of successful afterschool programs. Practices are examined in four areas: program organization, academic programming, supportive relationships in afterschool, and achieving program outcomes. The guide also provides tools to help readers reflect on their own practices and create a plan for improving them.

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Sharing Leadership
One indicator of a high-quality afterschool program is the practice of shared leadership and decision making. When appropriate, afterschool leaders can include instructors and site coordinators in decisions within their areas of expertise, such as curriculum and some of the day-to-day operations. When staff are involved in some decisions, they are likely to feel more ownership of their work and will continue to develop their own leadership skills.

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