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Bright Futures in Madison Parish

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The future looks bright for two preschools and a Head Start in Madison Parish, Louisiana. The schools participated in the 3-year Bright Futures Early Reading First project. The program aimed to improve the school readiness of preschoolers from low-income homes. SEDL staff provided professional development in research-based early literacy instruction and language development to teachers, reading coaches, and project coordinators. The project also included a component to increase parent involvement in children’s literacy and language development.

SEDL’s Research and Evaluation group, which provided ongoing evaluation for the project, has completed its final report. Across the 3 years of the project, significant gains were found for children's receptive vocabulary, letter recognition, and print awareness skills. In addition, teachers and paraprofessionals showed significant increases in their literacy and language knowledge.

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Linguistic Support for English Language Learners
In 2009 SEDL conducted focus group sessions with participants from across the state of Texas. The goal was to gather information about the linguistic accommodations that districts and schools provide to English language learners (ELLs) to meet their linguistic and academic needs during both instruction and test administration. The following themes emerged from the sessions:
  • Classroom teachers are critical and provide the main support to ELLs. Whether content-area teachers, grade-level teachers, or ELL teachers, they know the students best and are the first point of access in working with ELLs.
  • School leaders need to provide in-house guidance and support to staff. To do so, they need sufficient information about linguistic accommodations.
  • Professional development plans should extend beyond initial awareness of linguistic accommodations; they should also address follow-up and the implementation of accommodations.
  • Professional development, especially in sheltered instruction and in understanding language development of ELLs, needs to be provided to all teachers, not just select groups.
  • Geographic differences may play a role in addressing the needs of ELLs.
  • State-level educators can help by providing more examples of linguistic accommodations during instruction and assessments as well as more funding and strategies to enable teachers to develop the skills they need.

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  Afterschool Training Toolkit
This online resource includes research-based practices, sample lessons, video clips, and other resources that afterschool and other extended learning leaders can use to provide staff development on academic enrichment.

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SEDL Letter: Improving School Performance
The November 2009 issue of SEDL Letter suggests that school improvement isn't just about schools. It's also about students and teachers, and how education leaders at all levels—state, district, school, and classroom—work together to help students succeed. This issue of SEDL Letter explores school improvement in a variety of areas.

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