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Putting Disability Research Into Practice

Individualized Services to Promote Success in the Workforce

Across the nation, vocational rehabilitation programs are working to help people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) secure jobs and succeed in the workforce. SEDL’s Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders project recently designated three employment programs as effective in providing supports to people with ASD.

Triumph Services, Project SEARCH, and ACN Connections address this work in different ways. Yet, each program shares the philosophy that individualized vocational rehabilitation services for people with ASD are necessary to increase competitive employment success rates with livable wages. These programs show that even in the midst of a struggling economy, people across the autism spectrum can—with proper supports—find meaningful work in their communities.

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Online Workshop: Barriers and Supports for Research Use
SEDL’s Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research hosted a workshop on barriers and supports for research use. This interactive workshop looked at strategies for overcoming obstacles to and promoting the use of high-quality research evidence to support the employment of people with disabilities. The presenters addressed how research findings are used in planning and decision making and what new research is needed.

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Webcast: Getting Back to Work After a Traumatic Brain Injury
In this webcast, Dr. Nathan Zasler and Ms. Patricia Goodall discuss research and strategies for returning to work after a traumatic brain injury.

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