SEDL Monthly: February 2009
SEDL Monthly: Advancing Research, Improving Education February 2009
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Professional Development at SEDL
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SEDL Launches the Center for Professional Learning

Contact the Center for Professional Learning
Please contact the SEDL Center for Professional Learning at 800-476-6861 or e-mail to learn more about how SEDL can meet your school, district, or agency’s training needs. We can also provide customized, on-site training and consultations. Learn more at

Just as a high-quality teacher can lead a struggling student to surpass academic expectations, high-quality professional development gives educators tools and knowledge to improve student learning.

In response to this need, SEDL has launched the Center for Professional Learning (CPL). “With 4 decades of experience, our research, products, and expertise have been utilized nationally with measurable success. It is time for SEDL to reach a broader audience through the SEDL Center for Professional Learning,” said Christine Moses, communications director at SEDL.

The foundation for the CPL is SEDL's expertise in school improvement and strengthening teaching and learning in specific content areas. The CPL's professional development sessions are tailored to school and district administrators and lead teachers, and organized around the following themes:

  • The Systemic Leadership Academy draws on SEDL’s work in leadership and the school change process. Training sessions include Leadership for Changing Schools, Professional Learning Communities Academy, Working Systemically, and the Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle.
  • The Program and Project Evaluation strand draws on SEDL’s research and evaluation experience. Educators who want to learn what to do with the deluge of data they receive can attend events like Program Evaluation 101.
  • Classroom Connections professional development focuses on improving teaching and learning for all students in academic content areas such as literacy and reading, math, and active learning with technology.

Participants will leave the interactive sessions with action plans for implementing their new skills and knowledge when they return to their schools and districts. SEDL’s Principles of Professional Development, aligned to those created by the National Staff Development Council, will ensure that each session meets the needs of participants and provides the best available knowledge. The majority of the CPL offerings will be held at SEDL’s headquarters in Austin, Texas.

View other professional learning products available at the SEDL Store. SEDL products support high-quality teaching, improved learning, and increased student performance.

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The National Council for Staff Development’s Standards for Staff Development

group of people working togetherTo support their goal of ensuring that every educator engages in daily effective professional learning so every student achieves, the National Council for Staff Development (NCDS) researched and created standards that the organization believes should shape professional development. The standards are organized by context, process, and content, showing that how educators learn in professional development sessions is as important as what they learn. The process standards are listed below, and the complete list of standards can be found on the NSDC’s Web site at

Process Standards
Staff development that improves the learning of all students:

  • Uses disaggregated student data to determine adult learning priorities, monitor progress, and help sustain continuous improvement.
  • Uses multiple sources of information to guide improvement and demonstrate its impact.
  • Prepares educators to apply research to decision making.
  • Uses learning strategies appropriate to the intended goal.
  • Applies knowledge about human learning and change.
  • Provides educators with the knowledge and skills to collaborate.

Free Resources

SEDL Letter

Professional development delivery has shifted from a one-time workshop to a model where continuous learning is part of the job. The April 2007 issue of SEDL Letter covers an array of professional development topics including professional learning communities and the Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle.

Afterschool Training Toolkit

This online resource includes research-based practices, sample lessons, video clips, and other resources that afterschool and other extended learning leaders can use to provide staff development on academic enrichment.

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