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Two Brooklyn public schools have launched the Parents as Art Partners program. The project is described in the Carol Gardens Patch, which discusses SEDL's parent involvement work in relation to the program's goals for engaging parents in their children's education.
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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards Videos
 The Common Core State Standards provide learning goals that are intended to prepare children in the United States for success in college and the workplace. So far, more than 45 states and territories have adopted the standards.

SEDL’s Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) has collaborated with the states in its region to develop a series of videos designed to support states, schools, and teachers in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Each video clarifies the meaning of one specific standard and includes examples or illustrations to enhance understanding. Although the videos focus on clarifying standards rather than serving as a guide on how to teach them, the examples can be adapted for instructional use. Currently, videos are only available for mathematics; however, SECC is exploring possibilities for addressing the English language arts standards in a similar format.

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Online Resources for School Improvement
This Web-based database lists online resources for school improvement by topic, including curriculum and instruction, family and community engagement, high school reform, leadership, school improvement and accountability, teacher quality, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

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Has your district recently adopted Common Core State Standards? Join our effectiveness study. Participating schools will receive free reading or math curricula materials and support aligned to the standards.

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