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Professional Learning Communities

SEDL Project Director D'Ette Cowan Published in New Book on Professional Learning Communities

Demystifying Professional Learning Communities: School Leadership at Its Best“The Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle: A Strategy for Creating Professional Learning Communities,” written by SEDL project director D’Ette Cowan, was included in the recently published book titled Demystifying Professional Learning Communities: School Leadership at Its Best.

The book outlines an approach to school improvement that uses professional learning community practices—embedding leadership in the entire school community rather than making it the responsibility of one person. Cowan’s chapter describes the Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle (PTLC), which helps educators implement professional learning communities as something more than a group of teachers meeting from time to time. The PTLC shows how to create and sustain professional learning communities that focus on the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to state standards.

Demystifying Professional Learning Communities also offers information, examples, and case studies to clarify the concept of a professional learning community, to respond to critical issues in schools, and to support educational leaders in addressing the important mandates of accountability and school improvement. The book was edited by Kristine Kiefer Hipp of Cardinal Stritch University and Jane Bumpers Huffman of the University of North Texas.

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The Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle
The Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle (PTLC) consists of six steps:

  1. Study
  2. Select
  3. Plan
  4. Implement
  5. Analyze
  6. Adjust

Implementation of the PTLC is supported by three leadership strategies: communicating clear expectations, building capacity, and monitoring and reviewing.

To learn more, see “Creating a Community of Professional Learners: An Inside View” in the November 2009 issue of SEDL Letter.

  Free Professional Learning Community Resource
You can access Issues . . . About Change on the SEDL Web site. Some of these issue papers are devoted to professional learning communities:

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