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Researchers at SEDL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are undertaking a study that will determine the impact of Imagine It!, an Open Court Reading program, and Everyday Mathematics on teacher practices and student academic achievement. Learn more.Enroll your school or district in the study

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South Carolina Schools Honored
SEDL congratulates Clinton Elementary School, 2011 winner of Learning Forward’s Shirley Hord Learning Team Award, and fellow finalist Rosemary Middle School, both of South Carolina. We are proud to have helped the schools implement professional learning teams as part of their school improvement efforts.
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Professional Learning Communities

Assessing Your Professional Learning Community
A growing body of research shows that schools that operate as professional learning communities (PLCs) can transform themselves into dynamic centers of learning—for both educators and students. In high-performing PLCs, teachers and administrators work together to seek, share, and apply learning on an ongoing basis, leading to improved classroom instruction, student achievement, and school performance.

High-performing PLCs share six dimensions:
1. Shared and Supportive Leadership
2. Shared Values and Vision
3. Collective Learning and Application
4. Shared Personal Practice
5. Supportive Conditions-Relationships
6. Supportive Conditions-Structures

How does my PLC measure up?
To help administrators rate their school as a PLC on these dimensions, Dianne F. Olivier, Kristine Kiefer Hipp, and Jane Bumpers Huffman have developed the Professional Learning Communities Assessment-Revised (PLCA-R) questionnaire and reporting tool. SEDL is providing access to the online version of the PLCA-R that measures staff perceptions of school and classroom practices related to the six dimensions listed above. Respondents use a 4-point scale to indicate the degree to which they agree or disagree with statements about various practices. With the new online version of the tool, administrators can quickly customize and deploy the questionnaire and generate reports and graphs of the results for various populations.

By pinpointing their PLC’s strengths and weaknesses, administrators can better target their efforts and take their PLC to the next level.

More information:
PLC Overview
PLC Assessment-Revised Tool
PLC Books
PLC Briefs

Tips and Tools
Free Resources

Creating a Professional Learning Community
Establishing and sustaining a strong professional learning community is no easy task. SEDL’s Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle (PTLC) provides a framework for PLCs through a six-step process: study, select, plan, implement, analyze, and adjust. To support this process, leaders in turn focus on three strategies: communicating clear expectations, building capacity, and monitoring and reviewing. For an overview of the PTLC, see the article “Creating a Community of Professional Learners: An Inside View” in the November 2009 issue of SEDL Letter.

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Summer Webinar
Effective Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Part 3 Featuring TEACCH is Part 3 of a webinar series highlighting programs that have been identified as effective for successful competitive employment strategies for people with autism spectrum disorders. Recorded archives of Parts 1 and 2 are available on the program’s Web site.

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