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Focus School Strategies, Practices, and Achievement Focus School Strategies, Practices, and Achievement
To receive flexibility from the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, state education agencies are required to designate schools as "reward schools," "priority schools" or "focus schools," according to multiple performance measures. Focus schools have the largest within-school achievement gaps among subgroups and the lowest overall achievement and graduation rates.

SEDL’s Southeast Comprehensive Center recently reviewed different states’ strategies and practices that have been effective and meaningful in narrowing achievement gaps to aid schools in moving off a focus schools list. In cases where a school remained on the focus schools list, the SECC team explored whether achievement gaps were narrowing enough that a school was likely to exit the list in the future.

Download the publication to see the full list of strategies and learn what specific states are doing.

Professional Development: Levels of Use Interviewer Certification Training

Professional Development: Levels of Use Interviewer Certification Training

The Center for High-Performing Schools at SEDL is offering a certification course for Levels of Use (LoU) interviewers. One of three diagnostic dimensions of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model, LoU enables leaders to evaluate and track the extent to which staff members are implementing innovations, programs, policies, and practices. This professional development event takes place on August 12, 13, and 14 at SEDL’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. Learn more and register on the Center for High-Performing Schools website.

Supporting Employees With Cancer


Supporting Employees With Cancer

Many superintendents and administrators are looking for ways to help employees with cancer and their colleagues maintain a productive and supportive workplace environment. In response to this need, SEDL’s Knowledge Translation for Employment Research Center is offering a free webinar on cancer and employment concerns. This training will help anyone who is a supervisor learn more about cancer-related workplace issues and recent changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act. The webinar takes place on July 23, 2–3 p.m. (CDT).

Engaging Families in the Assessment Process and Use of Data: An Early Childhood Example

Engaging Families in the Assessment Process and Use of Data: An Early Childhood Example

This free webinar explores strategies for promoting the effective use of early childhood assessment data at multiple levels, with a focus on families. Cohosted by Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northeast & Islands and REL Southwest, the bridge event webinar will examine the strategies the Research Program Partnership at the University of Kansas employs to promote the use of early childhood data at multiple levels, particularly with families. The event takes place on August 12, 2–3:30 p.m. (CDT).

SEDL headquarters


SEDL has openings for temporary field consultants in SEDL’s Research and Evaluation department. Candidates must have previous experience with administering standardized assessments to elementary-aged students and be available to travel for data collection. For more information and to apply for these jobs, visit the careers section of our website.

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