SEDL Monthly: May 2008
SEDL Monthly: Advancing Research, Improving Education June 2008

Leading the Change Process
SEDL has training and tools to help you through the change process

Shirley Hord
new at SEDL

Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) Training

Join us on June 25–27

CBAM is the well-known model used to facilitate the change process. It includes tools to assess change and provide interventions to help staff move successfully through the change process. Seats are still available for this 3-day training, presented by SEDL scholar emerita Shirley Hord. The sessions will cover Innovation Configurations (IC) and Stages of Concern (SoC), and a brief introduction to Levels of Use (LoU)..

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tips and tools

Principles of Change

  • Change is a process not an event.
  • Change is accomplished by individuals—an organization does not change until the individuals within the organization change.
  • Change is a highly personal experience.
  • Change involves developmental growth.
  • Facilitating change is a team effort.
  • The context of the school influences the change process.
  • Appropriate interventions reduce the challenges of change.

To learn more about the change process, see

A quick-to-read guide (and our best-seller) about facilitating the change process is Taking Charge of Change. For more in-depth information about the change process you may want to read Implementing Change: Patterns, Principles, and Potholes.

Free Resources

Issues about Change

Issues about Change is a series of briefs written about the challenges and practicalities of the change process. The 28 briefs focus on topics such as the principal’s role and the school board’s role in school change, teachers as leaders, and managing culture in a change environment.

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