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A recent series in Title1Admin describes how educators can use CBAM tools to assess teachers’ needs and concerns during new school improvement efforts. Vicki Dimock, SEDL’s chief program officer, was interviewed for the series.

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Concerns-Based Adoption Model

Concerns-Based Adoption Model Webinar Series

Participants who register by April 9 will receive 50 additional online SoCQ survey completions and a copy of SEDL's Taking Charge of Change (a total value of $50).
When education leaders introduce a new program, they often ask themselves several questions:
  • How do I address teacher concerns?
  • How do I know if people are actually using the program?
  • How do I know if the program is working?

For years, educators have used the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) to answer these questions and ensure that an improvement effort became a successful innovation and not just another passing phase.

Beginning in April, SEDL is offering a 5-part webinar series to help educators understand and effectively use the tools of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model. This course will cover the three CBAM tools (Innovation Configuration, Stages of Concern, and Levels of Use), provide instruction on using the Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ), and guide participants through developing a plan for implementing CBAM with a specific change initiative. Participants will also have assignments to complete after each of the first four webinars.

The registration cost includes copies of SEDL's CBAM books (a $50 value) and 10 online SoCQ survey completions.

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Tips and Tools
Free Resources
Online Stages of Concern Questionnaire
The Stages of Concern Questionnaire helps change leaders assess teacher concerns about new programs and practices and is now available as an online tool. The online version allows a survey administrator to
  • Set up an SoCQ cohort with a unique password and URL.
  • Define subgroups for the SoCQ participants.
  • View and export automatically generated graphs.
Learn more.

  CBAM Videos
SEDL’s Web site has four short videos outlining the CBAM framework:
  • Introduction to the CBAM
  • Stages of Concern
  • Levels of Use
  • Innovation Configurations

Watch the videos.



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