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Photo of a teacher working with several children. Effective principals are an essential element in improving student achievement and learning. SEDL has a new publication for education leaders. SEDL Insights is a quarterly publication based on the experience, expertise, and research of SEDL staff. It is designed to give educators practical suggestions for implementing school improvement strategies. Our first issue, “Leadership Actions for Transforming Schools,” discusses actions school leaders can take to create the conditions needed to shape a school culture where teaching and learning can improve.

Briefing Paper


Transforming Low-Performing Rural Schools

Rural educational issues cannot be addressed by a one-size-fits-all approach to school improvement. For rural educators, current research offers some solutions and insights into turning around low-performing districts and schools. A recent briefing paper from the Texas Comprehensive Center examines how districts and schools can use the unique attributes and resources found in rural communities to help transform low-performing schools.

The Formative assessment

Using Formative Assessment to Improve Student Achievement in the Core Content Areas

Formative assessment is a systematic, continuous process used during instruction that provides a feedback loop to check for progress and detect learning gains, identify strengths and weaknesses, and narrow gaps in learning. SEDL’s Southeast Comprehensive Center has released a briefing paper that explores the research findings around formative assessment and ways it differs from other types of assessments.

Vocational Rehabilitation Autism


SEDL’s Vocational Rehabilitation Autism project identifies programs that are effective in providing supports to people with autism spectrum disorder. The project has also hosted webcasts featuring some of the effective programs. The next webcast is on April 11 and features Triumph Services, Inc. Recordings of earlier webcasts are available online.

Leading Professional Learning Communities: Voices from Research and Practice


Leading Professional Learning Communities: Voices from Research and Practice explores the critical role of the principal and other leaders in the development of a professional learning community by discussing what research literature says as well as what really happens in schools. The book also illustrates how professional learning communities can help increase leadership capacity, embed professional development in daily work, create a positive school culture, and develop accountability.

Girl reading book


Has your district recently adopted Common Core State Standards? Join our effectiveness study; participating schools will receive free reading or math curricula materials and support that are aligned to common core standards. Find out how your school can participate.

Picture of SEDL headquarters


We have job openings at our offices in Austin, Texas; Montgomery, Alabama; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit our website to learn more.

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