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A recent article in the Austin Business Journal discusses the redevelopment underway near SEDL’s headquarters. We are proud to be one of the first businesses in the Mueller green development and are looking forward to meeting our new neighbors. Read the article.

In an effort to improve test scores and graduation rates, education leaders in Lee County School District in Fort Myers, Florida, want to increase parental involvement by offering classes, workshops, and an assistance center. SEDL's work on the impact of parental involvement on student achievement is cited in an article about the district’s efforts. Read the article.

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Rethinking Teacher Evaluation
Using Student Perceptions to Measure Teacher Effectiveness

Many states are revising their teacher evaluation systems to include more than a traditional classroom observation by a school administrator. As state education leaders consider additional measures of teacher effectiveness, some are asking for student feedback.

A recent briefing paper from our Texas Comprehensive Center outlines some of the key considerations for using student perceptual data as a measure for teacher effectiveness.

Key points include

  • Student ratings of teachers are more highly correlated with student achievement than principal ratings and teacher self-ratings.
  • Students can discriminate between effective and ineffective teaching behaviors.
  • The construction, content, and administration of student rating instruments are key to the ratings’ reliability and validity.
  • Student ratings should not be the primary teacher evaluation instrument but should be included in a comprehensive teacher evaluation process.
Read the full briefing paper.
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Common Core State Standards Video Series: Mathematics
SEDL’s Southeast Comprehensive Center is collaborating with the states in its region to develop a series of videos designed to support states, schools, and teachers in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. Each video clarifies the meaning of one specific standard and includes examples or illustrations to enhance understanding.

Watch the videos.

Teacher Evaluation Systems
The Southeast and Texas Comprehensive Centers recently brought together some of the nation’s leaders on teacher evaluation systems. Participants engaged in sessions led by experts in the field, learned about the progress and challenges of other states, and discussed with their colleagues the steps their respective states need to take to implement a comprehensive teacher evaluation system.

View presentations and handouts from the event.

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