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SEDL in the News
The Savannah Morning News mentions SEDL’s work in the area of family and community engagement in a recent article on parent involvement. “The Parent Factor” cites SEDL’s findings on how parental involvement can have a positive impact on student achievement.
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Nominate Your District
Researchers at SEDL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are looking for districts to participate in an effectiveness study of Imagine It! reading and Everyday Mathematics.
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Connect With Our KTER Center
Want to connect people who are interested in how research is used to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities? Our Knowledge Translation for Employment Research Center has its own Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter at @kter_center.

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Using Research to Increase Employment for People With Disabilities
Americans face a challenging job market. Some 16.1% of Americans with disabilities are unemployed. This rate is nearly double the 8.8% unemployment rate for Americans without disabilities. The Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER Center) aims to identify the best available evidence related to the employment of Americans with disabilities and investigate why and how individuals use research evidence—or why they don’t use research. Beginning its second year, the KTER Center is contributing to a better understanding of how research evidence can most effectively be translated into new or improved policies, employment opportunities, and support systems.

  • Improving employment outcomes. The KTER Center connects day-to-day practitioners with the best information available on how to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining their employment goals.
  • Providing resources to expand knowledge about evidence-based practices. The KTER Center is developing and offering articles, Web sites, webcasts, conferences, and databases to improve employment for people with disabilities.
  • Offering training activities for employment-focused grantees. The KTER Center is working to provide online courses and online or in-person workshops that will address the needs of both novice and experienced participants.
  • Bringing employment research to many audiences. The KTER Center encourages the use of employment research among businesses/employers, policymakers, vocational rehabilitation agency staff, people with disabilities and their families, and disability and rehabilitation researchers, including grantees funded by National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and RSA.

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Understanding Knowledge Translation
A recent SEDL Letter article explains how knowledge translation benefits people with disabilities. The article, “Knowledge for a Better Life: Ensuring Research Benefits People With Disabilities,” also outlines the role that SEDL plays in this process.

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FOCUS Technical Brief
FOCUS issue 33: External Validity in Research on Rehabilitative Interventions: Issues for Knowledge Translation discusses techniques disability and rehabilitation researchers can use to help practitioners determine the degree to which they can appropriately generalize, or apply, research findings to people with different characteristics or in different settings than those described in original research studies.

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