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Beyond the Building: A Facilitation Guide for School, Family, and Community Connections
This multimedia toolkit helps educators and community organizers understand and learn how to facilitate family and community involvement.
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Emerging Issues, A New Wave of Evidence, and Diversity: Set of Three School, Family, and Community Connections Publications
This set, which is available at a discounted price, comprises the first three publications in a series of four research syntheses focusing on family and community connections with schools.
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SEDL In the News
Catherine Jordan, program manager of SEDL's Afterschool, Family, and Community program, recently spoke on Nevada Public Radio about parental involvement in education.

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Engaging Families and Communities

Webinar Series on Family, School, and Community Engagement
When families are engaged in their children’s education, student achievement increases and dropout rates decline. But effective family engagement is not a one-time program or the choice of a good school; it is a set of day-to-day practices, attitudes, beliefs, and interactions that support learning at home, at school, after school, and during the summer.

SEDL supports family and community engagement through the National PIRC Coordination Center. A partnership of SEDL, the Harvard Family Research Project, and the Miko Group, Inc., the Coordination Center supports the work of the nation’s 62 Parental Information and Resource Centers by providing training events, research-based materials, new grantee orientation, and national conferences.

The U.S. Department of Education is offering a webinar series entitled “Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement” to help stakeholders from national, regional, and local organizations learn about research, best practices, and new innovations from the field. The series began in April 2010 and is being offered in partnership with SEDL, Harvard Family Research Project, National Parent Teacher Association, and United Way Worldwide.

Earlier webinars addressed topics such as school transformation, education reform, and data use and are available online. The next webinar, scheduled for this fall, is titled “The Teacher-Parent Relationship: Using Professional Development to Improve Family and Community Engagement.”

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Tips and Tools
Free Resources
Briefing Paper: Parent and Community Involvement in a College/Career-Ready Culture
How might underachieving schools involve parents and community partners to increase student achievement? In a new briefing paper, the Texas Comprehensive Center addresses this question and summarizes key points from relevant literature:
  • Make efforts to include families in postsecondary planning.
  • Provide information to support postsecondary planning throughout a student's education.
  • Address linguistic and cultural barriers, parental time issues, and other factors across populations that are traditionally underrepresented in institutions of higher education.

The briefing paper is available at no cost on the Texas Comprehensive Center Web site.

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  A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement
Designed for educators who are implementing Title I, Part A parental involvement provisions, this toolkit includes detailed explanations of the provisions and 33 tools to help states, districts, and schools meet the requirements.

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Policy Development Tools: Engaging Parents/Families in the School Community
Developed by the Southeast Comprehensive Center, this resource is a compendium of tools for promoting policies supporting parent and family involvement.

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