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User Comments for Wilson Fundations

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User Comments

The "User Comments" are meant to allow afterschool staff who have used the curriculum to tell others about their experience using the resource and how it worked in their setting. Click here if you would like to submit a user comment for Wilson Fundations.

  • Poorly Organized
    I have had the program for three years. The materials are beautiful and attractive to students. The sequence of skills taught is appropriate. My concern is that the teacher's manual is so difficult to use that my stomach turns when I have to use it. When I was trained, the trainer acknowledged how "user-unfriendly" the manual was, and admitted that she had to photocopy sections and use post-its to keep rules, scripts, the daily plan organized for her. The expense does not justify all this extra work. Over all, it looks good, but it is a bear to use. I wish it were organized better.
    Posted by Ann

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