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  1. Afterschool KidzLit (Grades K-8)
    KidzLit is designed specifically for afterschool. Its goal is to help students to develop a love of reading while building comprehension skills and vocabulary.  In addition to helping students get excited about reading, ...

  2. AMP (Accelerating Maximum Potential) Reading Intervention (Grades 6-12)
    The AMP Reading Intervention System is an intensive reading program designed to close reading gaps for students in middle and high school who read three or more years below grade level. The program focuses on comprehension ...

  3. Benchmark Reader's Theater Scripts and Fluency Skills Set (Grades 1-8 and above)
    Reader’s Theater can be used both during the school day and after school. The Reader’s Theater Scripts and the Fluency Skills Set are designed to be used together, although they can be used separately as well. The ...

  4. Classworks Reading (Grades K-12)
    Classworks Reading is a school-based curriculum that is easily adapted for afterschool.  It is a computer-based curriculum that combines software from many other high quality programs, taking material for similar age levels ...

  5. Project Read (Grades K–12)
    Project Read honors diverse student learning profiles by providing curricula with lessons build on direct concept teacher, multi-sensory processing, systematic instruction, and higher level thinking skills. Project Read is a ...

  6. Reading Is Cool! (Grades K–8)
    Reading is COOL is designed specifically for the afterschool setting. The goals of the program are to encourage students to enjoy recreational reading, increase exposure to literacy-based activities and resources, and expand ...

  7. Spaghetti Book Club (Grades K-8)
    Spaghetti Book Club is appropriate for both the school day and afterschool.  The primary goal of this curriculum is to help students develop critical literacy skills through reading, discussion, summarizing, and expressing ...

  8. Thinking Reader (Grades K-8)
    The primary goal of Thinking Reader is to help struggling readers improve their reading comprehension through the use of reading strategies.  It is a school-based program that can be adapted for afterschool. The curriculum ...

  9. Wilson Reading System (Grades 2-12)
    Wilson Reading System (WRS) is a school-based intervention for struggling readers that is easily adapted for afterschool.  It is a comprehensive program that specifically addresses the learning style of students with a ...

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