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Reading Is Cool!

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Practitioner Expert Background

This practitioner has been an afterschool program coordinator for the past eleven years, and started using the Reading is Cool kit about three years ago. Her program includes students who are 5-12 years old, uses it informally on a regular basis to supplement her existing program.  Many of her students are low-income and from Latino backgrounds.


  • Attended a formal training.
  • Preparation time consisted of choosing an activity or additional materials.
  • Can be used effectively both a large group activity, with 24 students, or in small groups of four to five students. Activities can be adapted to most any size, but seems to work better in a small group.

Student Engagement

  • Students enjoyed that something new was added into the classroom.
  • Games and activities that introduced the math topics were fun, challenging, and helped them learn.
  • Content was appropriate for the targeted age group.


Adaptability to instructor needs
  • Adaptability depends on the creativity of the students and instructor.
General skills taught
  • Could easily be used to teach non-academic skills, such as social skills.
  • Could easily apply books to real life.
Addressing diverse student needs
  • A few books were offered for Spanish speaking students.
  • There were some books introducing students to different cultures.

Strengths and Challenges

  • Based on great ideas with great potential.
  • The trainers and representatives from the company were inviting and friendly.
  • This practitioner found no major challenges with the curriculum.

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