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Practitioner Expert Background

This practitioner has been teaching for six years in both American and International schools.  She has also been working at a summer school program for the past two years, and has used VersaTiles during that program for the past year.  She uses it regularly with a class of twelve students who just finished the fourth grade.  Most of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch, and they are mostly of African American and Latino descent.


  • Did not attend a formal training.
  • Preparation consists of choosing which activity for students to do.
  • Ideal to use individually and in small groups. It can be important to observe students and make sure they understand the activities.

Student Engagement

  • Students love using the VersaTiles, and are usually enthusiastic to use them.
  • Students who struggle with attention and behavior stay engaged with the activities.
  • Students enjoy doing something active.
  • Students appreciate the immediate gratification of creating the correct pattern when they complete an activity correctly.
  • Colors and shapes in activity books help maintain students’ interest.


Adaptability to instructor needs
  • VersaTiles can be used in many different ways, such as practicing skills.
  • Assessments are useful for determining students’ skill levels.
  • More advanced students can move on to harder questions while instructor focuses on helping the students who do not understand the material.
General skills taught
  • Basic phonics.
  • Cooperation when working with a partner.
  • Following directions.
Addressing diverse student needs
  • Tactile, students are always doing something with their hands.
  • Reaches many different kinds of learners.
  • Students of all backgrounds have enjoyed and felt engaged with VersaTiles.

Strengths and Challenges

  • Motivational and engaging for students.
  • Appeals to different learning styles.
  • Teaches skills and concepts in an engaging way.
  • This practitioner did not find any major challenges with using VersaTiles.

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