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Practitioner Expert Background

This practitioner is the principal of a middle school that has been using Classworks for the past four years.  He has observed many students using the program and gotten positive feedback from teachers about it.  He has also seen his students’ test scores increase impressively, and he attributes a good deal of this success to Classworks. There are two computer labs in the school, one devoted to Classworks Math, and Classworks Reading.  This practitioner uses Classworks during the school day with all students who did not pass the state test the previous year.  During afterschool time, Classworks is used with some special education students.  Students at his school are from mixed racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.


  • When a school purchases Classworks, trainers come to the school and spend two full days showing teachers how to use it.  Felt that the training was very thorough and sufficient to start using the program.
  • If there ever are problems, can call up trainers and they figure out how to solve any problem and meet school’s needs.  Customer service is excellent.
  • Majority of preparation involves inputting test data into the program. Based on this data, Classworks creates individualized programs for students.
  • From there, preparation consists of a few clicks of the mouse to bring up students’ IDs and individualized programs.
  • Computer labs are set up with 24 computers. Students use headphones and can work individually. 
  • Should have at least 60 minutes per week for each Classworks subject to be effective.

Student Engagement

  • Students like the interaction with the computer and find it to be fun. Different from the regular routine in the classroom. 
  • Graphics, sounds, and music grab students’ attention and engage them, especially at the middle school level.


  • Classworks is helpful for students who may be learning below grade level, as the curriculum allows a student to go back and do lessons in lower levels.
  • Teachers have their own ID, which allows them to go into the computer and pick out particular lessons on a topic to teach in the classroom.
  • Even when a teacher is absent, students can log in with their ID and use Classworks.
General skills taught
  • Classworks is comprehensive and models the program on a school’s particular state curriculum and standards.
  • Students feel successful when they use Classworks since it builds upon more basic skills that they may have struggled with.  This helps to boost their self-esteem.
Addressing diverse student needs
  • If a student does not understand a topic or program one way, the large number (180) of software programs allows other ways of teaching that topic.
  • Effective with students of different learning styles and ability levels.
  • Gap in achievement test scores between white students and students of color has been significantly reduced after using Classworks. 

Strengths and Challenges

  • Students can continuously keep working and challenging themselves with higher grade level material.
  • Aligned with state standards and curriculum.
  • Program can create course of study individualized to each student’s needs. 
  • This practitioner has found no challenges with Classworks.

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