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  1. Afterschool Achievers Math
    This program is designed specifically for afterschool.  The goal of Afterschool Achievers Math is to help students improve their skills in math by reinforcing grade-level curriculum with 30 minutes of math activities a ...

  2. Afterschool KidzMath
    KidzMath was designed specifically for afterschool.  The basic goals of the program are to build students’ confidence and skills in math and develop their ability to work in a team.  Lessons consist of cooperative ...

  3. Camelot Learning Mathematics Intervention Curriculum
    Camelot Learning was designed specifically for afterschool, but has also been used before and during the school day.  The math curriculum includes four themes:  Number Sense, Computation, Fractions and Decimals, and ...

  4. Classworks Math
    Classworks Math is a school-based curriculum that is easily adapted for afterschool.  It is a computer-based curriculum that combines software from many other high quality programs, taking material for similar age levels and ...

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    • Classworks as an Intervention Tool

  5. Everyday Math
    Everyday Math is a school-based math curriculum that can be used afterschool, using worksheets, math drills, hands-on activities, and games for applying math skills and teaching concepts. Lessons can be differentiated to ...

  6. Family Math
    This community-based program is designed specifically for informal learning out of the classroom. It brings parents into the school to engage in math activities with their children in workshops and also provides parents with ways ...

  7. Interactivate
    Interactivate is a modular, computer-based curriculum that is easily used in an afterschool setting.  It uses Java-based interactive courseware as a means of inquiry-based learning in math concepts and skills.  This ...

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    • Great materials!

  8. Math is Cool!
    Math is Cool is specifically designed for afterschool.  The curriculum provides a framework for creating an environment that reinforces school-day math with real world applications. The primary goal of Math is Cool is to ...

  9. Math Media Educational Software
    Math Media is an interactive, computer-based math program that is specifically designed for afterschool.  The curriculum is self-paced, allowing students of all learning levels to learn math skills and be challenged. ...

  10. Moving with Math
    Moving With Math is designed specifically for afterschool, as both a math curriculum and a youth development program.  The intended audience is students who are below the basic level of math, those who are not understanding ...

  11. VersaTiles Math
    VersaTiles Math is designed as a supplemental mathematics program for both classroom and afterschool settings.  The program combines the challenge of a puzzle with the practice of a workbook, offering many activities that ...

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