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Math Resources Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in the Consumers Guide to Afterschool Math Resources. If you are someone involved in afterschool literacy programs or programs that offer, use, or in some way participate in supporting Math in after school settings, this resource is meant to serve you. We seek your assistance in augmenting the list of reviewed curricula in this Guide in order to enhance the utility of this resource for you and others in your field.

We ask you to nominate curricula that we may consider as additions for this Guide. We are interested in nominations of exemplary materials of all kinds that support the development of literacy skills in an engaging, informal setting.

Please use this form to submit a nomination for one curriculum you think merits review by our reviewers. If you want to recommend additional curricula, please complete additional forms.

Information about the material you wish to recommend

1) Name of Material:

2) What is the format of the material(s) (e.g. teacher guide, kit, full package, CD-ROM, online game, etc.)?

3) What grades is it designed to serve: early elementary (K-3), upper elementary (4-5), middle school (6-8) high school (9-12), or several of these levels?

4) Contact Information (e-mail, telephone #, Web site) for the developer or maker (distributor/publisher)?

5) How did you hear about this curriculum?

6) Your e-mail address (optional).
We respect your privacy, and we will only use your e-mail to help associate your responses from the different Afterschool Curriculum Choice site surveys, should you fill out more than one. We may also contact you for clarification about your site recommendations or feedback.

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