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Practitioner Expert Background

This practitioner has worked for three years as an academic specialist, with students in need of remedial math help at a tutoring center.  She has used Math Media Software for the past two years with students ages 17 to adult, primarily low-income Caucasian students who are struggling with math.  She has used it one-on-one with students, about three days a week, mostly to practice those skills they have already been taught in class.


  • Did not attend a training.
  • Takes very little time to prepare, mostly has to point students in the direction of the lessons they need.
  • Used curriculum one-on-one with students, can be used effectively with larger groups as well.

Student Engagement

  • Engages students in learning. 
  • Students choose independently to use the program.
  • Students enjoy the chance to make sense of the concepts and answer questions confidentially.


Adaptability to instructor needs
  • Adaptable; students can work at their own pace, and spend more time on the topics that they find challenging. 
  • Breaks down the topics and problems clearly and concretely and into small steps. 
General skills taught
  • Builds confidence in students.
  • Could be implemented in a way that encourages teamwork and cooperation, such as with a study group.
Addressing diverse student needs
  • Content is age appropriate. Teaches lower-level content in a mature fashion, so older students feel comfortable.
  • Offers different ways of teaching a particular math concept.

Strengths and Challenges

  • Allows students to move at their own pace.
  • Breaks down information into small steps, helps students understand concepts and feel successful.
  • User-friendly for students, easy to find activities.
  • Very versatile, can be used in many different ways: by parents helping students, in the classroom, and as a supplemental program.
  • Presentation provides few graphics or colors.

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