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Moving with Math

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Moving with Math
Publication Date: 1984
Grade Level: K–12
Content Focus: Math
Costs: $200 minimum
The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.
Developer Contact Information
Math Teacher’s press
4850 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis, MN, 55416

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Design Summary

Moving With Math is designed specifically for afterschool, as both a math curriculum and a youth development program.  The intended audience is students who are below the basic level of math, those who are not understanding basic math concepts, and those who are not passing state tests.  It is designed to help students master the transition from concrete to abstract mathematical learning by helping them to understand the reasons behind concepts through the use of manipulatives and activities.

Each lesson is hands-on and has a real-world connection.  Games and activities are designed to be fun and promote kinesthetic learning and problem solving.  There are many points of entry for students beyond traditional math, including drawing pictures, using vocabulary, having discussions, and journal writing.  The curriculum includes a teacher guide, student book, pre- and post-assessments, class record sheet, parent handbook, and manipulatives.

Costs and Staff Training

The initial cost is around $200, although the complete cost of the basic class kit can vary in price depending on the program.  Training is available but not required, and is usually offered in the form of a two-hour implementation workshop. Costs are negotiable and based on school need. In many cases, training is included with the cost of the materials, and funding assistance may be available in some situations.

Staff Qualifications

No formal teaching experience is required to implement Moving With Math.  Practitioner reviews support this but also suggest that instructors be skilled at classroom management.  Content expert reviews suggest that a solid understanding of math theories, as well as knowledge of different types of instruction, may be helpful when implementing this curriculum.

Standards Alignment

  • National: National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • State: Curriculum correlates with standards in all 50 states.

Research Base

None specified.

Evaluation Details

Moving With Math was independently evaluated by George Washington University, looking at impact on SAT-9 scores and teacher satisfaction.  The study found significant gains in scores for students, and those who were at lower levels improved the most.  Teachers ranked the program highest out of every math program they had tried.

Overall Strengths/Overall Challenges

  • Games and manipulatives are particularly engaging for students.
  • Assessment technology is useful, producing detailed reports about the strengths and weaknesses of each student.
  • Scripted lessons are clear and objectives are aligned with standards.
  • Explicit instruction is effective for students who thrive on repeated exposure. 
  • Calendar plans out lessons and can save time for newer teachers.
  • Research based.
  • Repetition of skills and concepts is done in an effective way.
  • Does not directly address different learning styles. 
  • Interaction with other students only occurs during game time.

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