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Afterschool Achievers Math

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Afterschool Achievers Math
Publication Date: 2002
Grade Level: K–8
Content Focus: Math
Costs: $160 per classroom kit, $4.95 per student book
The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.
Developer Contact Information
Great Source Education Group
181 Ballardvale Street
Wilmington, MA, 01887

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Design Summary

This program is designed specifically for afterschool.  The goal of Afterschool Achievers Math is to help students improve their skills in math by reinforcing grade-level curriculum with 30 minutes of math activities a day.  The curriculum uses alternative approaches, such as games, puzzles, and hands-on activities, as well as group work, to motivate and engage students.  Such games and activities encourage skill development as well as listening, quick thinking, analyzing data, and problem-solving.  Lessons involve direct instruction, modeling, and opportunities for individual and group work.  There is also opportunity for students to self-assess their progress.

The curriculum comes in the form of a kit, available for each grade level. Each kit includes a teacher’s guide with lesson plans and materials for 180 after school activities and one copy of the student book.

Costs and Staff Training

Afterschool Achievers Math kits cost $160 per classroom and $4.95 for each additional student book. Some discounts may be available for bulk orders.  There is no training required.

Staff Qualifications

No formal teaching experience is required to implement Afterschool Achievers Math.  Many types of practitioners, including classroom teachers, aides, tutors, and college students, have successfully implemented the program in the past.  Content expert reviews agree.

Standards Alignment

  • National: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • State: None specified.

Research Base

Information about the research on which Afterschool Achievers was based can be found on the developer’s website ( in the document “Afterschool Achievers Math: Research Base and Program Efficacy.”

Evaluation Details

None specified.

Overall Strengths/Overall Challenges

  • Variety of instructional strategies.
  • Many different types of games are included.  These games are challenging and thought-provoking for students.
  • Suggested questions seem useful.
  • Covers a wide range of skills, including critical thinking skills.
  • Easy to implement and requires only 30 minutes per lesson.
  • Designed to reinforce standards-based curriculum.
  • Uses alternative approaches and group interaction to motivate students to work on math in an afterschool setting.

  • Teacher’s Guide can be difficult to follow at times.
  • Relies primarily on worksheets.

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