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List Resources That Contains Features That Appeal to Specific Target Audiences

The lists below display resources that have been identified as containing features that include specific design elements that will appeal to the respective target audiences and may help nurture participants' interest in science during school, after school or perhaps even as a career.

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Ethnically Diverse Audiences
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Starter Programs
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Starter programs

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Camp and Club Science Sourcebook: Activities and Leader Planning Guide for Science Outside School
This guide is for leaders/instructors contemplating adding an informal science program.  It’s full of fascinating activities, sound science, relevant health concepts, and practical advice--whether you seek new activities or are just starting.
Subjects: multiple science topics Grades: 5 to 8, 5 to 9 Target Audience: Starter Programs
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*** 3.0 out of 5
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Exploratorium Afterschool Activities
This set includes 8 easy-to-lead activities that offer science, encourage creativity, and result in great fun. Designed for grades 3-8, most require one session and include introductory video-clips, and detailed instructions/background information.
Subjects: life science, physical science Grades: 3 to 5, 6 to 8 Target Audience: Starter Programs
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Science is Cool
“Cool” science and easy-to-use materials engage afterschool participants’ sense of wonder.  These inquiry-based frameworks/materials tap kids’ natural curiosity about how things work and spark discovery/ exploration through afterschool science. 
Grades: all Target Audience: Starter Programs
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ZoomSci’s website supports the PBS hands-on, youth-focused TV series, ZOOM by providing instructors everything necessary to lead the program’s science experiments for kids 8 to 11.  With this support, doing science activities is a breeze.
Subjects: multiple science topics Grades: 3 to 5, grade 6 Target Audience: Starter Programs