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Build IT

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  • Cost Category: More than $100
  • Price Details: Build IT is still in the final stages of piloting and development, so the cost estimates are not final. That said, Build IT units can be done individually or as a series. There are six units designed to cover two school years and two 2 week summer sessions. One unit for 30 girls includes: materials at approximately $375; Family Tech Night supplies (includes food and preparation materials) at approximately $250 and an unspecified cost for van transportation for field trips.
    The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.
  • Format: Programs Delivered in Cumulative Sessions
  • Grades: grades 6 to 8
  • Target Audiences: Girls
  • Subject(s): engineering, technology
  • Part of Series?: no
  • URL:
  • Other Contact Information:

    Contact Melissa Koch at the Center for Technology in Learning.

BuildIT is a year long curriculum requiring computers, trained instructors, mentors and planning that engages girls in engineering technology while boosting their social skills, confidence, creativity, and community involvement.

Build IT engages girls in the fields of science and information technology (IT) in order to develop their IT fluency and interest in IT careers. Along the way, this program also boosts girls' social skills, confidence, creativity, and community involvement. Its structured, clearly planned curriculum asks students to reexamine their world through a scientific lens, designing, implementing, and revising their own projects. Build IT is best taught by a dedicated educator with some knowledge of design and information technology. The program requires commitment from school, students, and (ideally) the surrounding community. Build IT was created through a collaboration between SRI International and Girls Incorporated of Alameda County. It is funded by NSF Grant No. ESI-0524762.

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