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Kinetic City

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  • Cost Category: Free
  • Price Details: The materials are available free of cost, online
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  • Duration: A series of sessions that lasts at least one semester
  • Format: Web-based
  • Grades: grades 3 to 5
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: many times
  • Subject(s): multiple science topics
  • Part of Series?: yes
  • URL:

For afterschool programs with online computer access, these activities address a range of fundamental scientific concepts in a virtual world structured as a computer adventure game through a variety of online “missions.”

Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth: Kinetic City provides an interesting and coherent set of science activities structured within the framework of an adventure game. Students learn fundamental science concepts through online and hands-on 'missions,' which utilize a variety of teaching strategies, cleverly adapting real-world issues (pollution, energy consumption) to a virtual setting. Aside from comfort with science, patience with computers, and plenty of time, instructors must embrace this virtual world wholeheartedly to make it believable to students.

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