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Celebrate Urban Birds/Project Pigeon Watch

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  • Cost Category: Free
  • Price Details: Celebrate Urban Birds materials are available free online
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  • Format: Web-based
  • Grades: all
  • Target Audiences: Bilingual
  • Subject(s): biology
  • Part of Series?: no
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An easy and fun Web-site with bright visual layout and information in both English and Spanish that offers information about birds plus guides you through collecting/submitting local data crucial for scientific research by Cornell Univ. ornithologists. 

At the Celebrate Urban Birds website at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, you will find a flexible set of materials, projects, and information to help students of all ages learn about birds in an urban setting. As they learn about birds, students can collect data for research projects, becoming members of an international community of scientists. The bilingual site includes all necessary materials for free, as well as games and activities.

The recently revamped material changed its name from Urban Birds to Celebrate Urban Birds.  It can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace though Project Pigeon Watch can only be done where there are pigeons. Participants are asked to look for 15 focal species for 10 minutes, record observations, send data back to scientists at the Cornell Ornithology Lab via computer or paper form.   The revamped version of these materials retains the great website resources to help after school programs engage diverse audiences in conservation and scientific activity and is still a great catalyst for getting kids outside and into nature.  The materials offer a wealth of ideas for community events, art activities, related resources.

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