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Science After School (SAS) Consumers Guide  

Math and Science Across Cultures, from the Exploratorium

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  • Cost Category: $1-$40
  • Price Details: The guide sells for $20
    The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.
  • Duration: A series of sessions that lasts at least one semester
  • Format: Activity Book
  • Grades: grades 6 to 8
  • Target Audiences: Ethnically Diverse Audiences
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: reusable with parts or supplies
  • Subject(s): math
  • Part of Series?: no
  • URL:

This instructors guide includes math/science activities relevant to students of all backgrounds and hints to help those uncomfortable with science content promote deep thinking, questioning and experimentation through the lenses of diverse cultures.

By teaching through the lenses of different cultures, this book makes math and science relevant to students of all backgrounds. Its thorough organization and helpful hints make it fitting for teachers uncomfortable with the content; however, because of its multicultural nature, some activities will be complex or new for all. The curriculum provides a solid base of information, but also clearly promotes student exploration as the best way to learn: all activities promote deep thinking, questioning, and experimentation.

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