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Bubble Festival

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  • Cost Category: $1-$40
  • Duration: Less than 4 weeks
  • Format: Instructors Guide
  • Grades: grades K to 6
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: reusable with parts or supplies
  • Subject(s): multiple science topics
  • Part of Series?: yes
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From the GEMS series, this Bubble Festival combines true scientific exploration with highly engaging, fun bubble-based activities that appeal to children of almost any age.  It’s “good clean” fun and real, hands-on science happens every time.

In this Bubble Festival set of eight core (and four extension) activities the unmistakable focus is on “fun” as a vehicle to student exploration about matter. Kids study soap films and structure by making bubbles, then by examining the "skeletons" of the bubble clusters they produce. Underlying the fun are concepts like surface tension, evaporation, and equilibrium that become relevant to the kindergarten through sixth graders as they experience the bubbles. The science is rich and the engagement total. They move from station to station, developing science skills and learning physics and chemistry concepts and playing with easily accessible bubble solution.

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