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Design and Discovery

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  • Cost Category: Free
  • Duration: variable based on how instructors use activities
  • Format: Web-based
  • Grades: grades 6 to 8, grades 9 to 12
  • Target Audiences: Girls
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: many times
  • Subject(s): engineering
  • Part of Series?: no
  • URL:

Intel & the Girl Scouts created this set of free inquiry-based/interdisciplinary engineering activities designed to take teen girls through design process to develop prototypes that address problems they identify. Staff interest/expertise is helpful.

Intel and the Girl Scouts of America have teamed up to develop Design and Discovery, a program that endeavors to appeal to middle school aged girls and to cultivate scientific knowledge, skills, and literacy. It’s clear organization into six logical and discrete sections provides units that offer lessons and activities backed up by written materials, facilitator instruction pages, and student direction handouts. Students learn about design and the underlying engineering concepts by applying science and engineering concepts in ways that make them relevant. They solve real everyday problems, think critically and communicate with others. It nurtures systems thinking as a way to promote the making of meaningful connections among scientific, engineering and design disciplines.

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