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Afterschool Explorations in Science (AXIS)

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  • Cost Category: More than $100
  • Duration: variable based on how instructors use activities
  • Format: Activity Book, Instructors Guide
  • Grades: grades 4 to 5, grades 6 to 8
  • Target Audiences: Bilingual, Ethnically Diverse Audiences
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: once
  • Subject(s): multiple science topics
  • Part of Series?: Yes
  • URL:

Multiple topic units are available, and each includes brightly colored participant activity books featuring related characters and leaders guides in English and Spanish.  Materials can be assembled by instructors or purchased in kits.

This workbook-supported set of materials designed for use after school covers six themes, is available in English and Spanish, and includes activities for groups and individual participants in grades 4-8. For each topic/theme, AXIS provides a brightly colored activity books with cartoon-like characters, instructions, and pictures for all the activities and a leader's guide and a materials kit with all supplies and consumables needed to carry out the activities for a group of 12 students. These materials are particularly effective at sites that do not have science or where staff may be hesitant to include science in the afterschool program because these activities require little preparation and include games that may serve as a good transition to a future with more science. It takes about 10 weeks to complete a theme if you complete one or two sessions per week. Instructors can use these materials without any prior science knowledge, though training is available, as are extension activities.

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