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Explore It! Science Investigations in Out-of-School Programs

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  • Cost Category: More than $100
  • Price Details: Individual project parts are available at various prices.
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  • Duration: A series of sessions that lasts at least one semester
  • Format: Programs Delivered in Cumulative Sessions
  • Grades: grades 2 to 6
  • Subject(s): physical science
  • Part of Series?: yes
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    To order Design It! project guides contact KELVIN at 280 Adams Blvd. Farmingdale, NY 11735; ph: 800-535-8469; fax 800-756-1025; Email: or through the Website

These 13 projects give 8-12 year olds a chance conduct true scientific investigations.  Instructors can draw on a thorough instructor's guide to prepare to lead these explorations of physical science and engineering concepts behind each project.

Explore It! was developed by the Education Development Center with funding from the National Science Foundation. It is highly engaging because its basic structure and format is to give children aged 8-12 a series of exploratory experiences that let them learn while building each of the 13 projects included in this set. The thorough and well prepared instructor's guide helps instructors support student learning about the relationship between the fun and intriguing things they build and a physical science or engineering concepts they address. Because projects are very hands-on and because they require teamwork, they offer a good example of the way scientists really work and help students develop the capacity to conduct experiments and a roadmap of what the components of scientific investigation are.

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