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  • Cost Category: Free
  • Format: Web-based
  • Grades: grades 3 to 5, grade 6
  • Target Audiences: Starter Programs
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: can be reused
  • Subject(s): multiple science topics
  • Part of Series?: No
  • URL:

ZoomSci’s website supports the PBS hands-on, youth-focused TV series, ZOOM by providing instructors everything necessary to lead the program’s science experiments for kids 8 to 11.  With this support, doing science activities is a breeze.

Designed to support instructors implementing the (150) science experiments presented on the PBS youth-run, hands-on television series clubZOOM, the ZoomSci web support literally walks instructors through everything necessary to lead science experiments with young people aged eight to 11 years old. The site provides access and links to a host of different activities (including video, text and demonstrations), but the unique strength here is in making the entire process of leading science activities sensible and comfortable for you, the instructor, and of course the students you work with. How? Zoomsci outlines the science concepts for the featured activities and simply and elegantly introduces the process of inquiry. Followed by sections like, "LEARN TO LEAD," and "WRAP UP," the site is really geared toward reducing any anxiety an instructor might feel about doing science and helping instructors who may have had mixed experiences and narrow comfort zones for leading science use the materials from clubZOOM to present these science experiences to their students and overcome their apprehensions.

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