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Science is Cool

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  • Cost Category: $1-$40
  • Price Details: less than $40 for the guidebook, (a kit with all materials is available for $650)
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  • Duration: variable based on how instructors use activities
  • Format: Instructors Guide
  • Grades: all
  • Target Audiences: Starter Programs
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: many times, can be reused
  • Part of Series?: Yes
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“Cool” science and easy-to-use materials engage afterschool participants’ sense of wonder.  These inquiry-based frameworks/materials tap kids’ natural curiosity about how things work and spark discovery/ exploration through afterschool science. 

This guide was designed to support educators as they strive to develop an afterschool science program. Offering a positive perspective on education, it invites prospective afterschool leaders and/or instructors to step away from scripted experiment kits and, instead, encourages them to lead their students into the scientific process by designing projects that focus on their own environments. This is accomplished through a logical, easy to follow set of suggestions that highlight the critical habits of the scientific mind, such as accurate record keeping, observations, and following a methodology. It suggests how instructors can lead open-ended dialogues and how they can supplement the dialogue with demonstrations of useful research techniques that enable students to focus on experimental objectives as they explore a variety of relevant topics. The manual supplements text with logical diagrams that clarify the research and experimental processes so that even educators with only a limited scientific background can help students follow an inquiry process as they explore their chosen projects. It represents a very good introduction for anyone interested in developing a strong inquiry-based science activity component in an afterschool program.

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