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Astrobiology: Afterschool Life in the Universe

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  • Cost Category: More than $100
  • Price Details: Guidebook can be downloaded from website (kit with materials can be purchased for $600 per class of 30)
    The costs shown were accurate at the time of the review. Please check the publisher's web site for current prices.
  • Duration: variable based on how instructors use activities
  • Format: Kit or Materials, Programs Delivered in Cumulative Sessions
  • Grades: grades 9 to 12
  • Suitable for Multiple Uses?: can be reused
  • Subject(s): math, multiple science topics
  • Part of Series?: Yes. The unit for grades 9-12 was reviewed, and similar units are available for all grades.
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Rigorous, rich materials (4 units, 27 activities) with authentic approaches to varied disciplines and based on publisher, TERC’s, Astrobiology, An Integrated Science Approach, and text.  Best for committed students and experienced instructors.

TERC, a Boston educational developer renown for science, math and technology curricula and research has created this rich afterschool set of materials that includes 4 units (27 activities) that address varied disciplines such as Earth science, biology, mathematics, astronomy, engineering, physics, art and design through authentic, clever and original approaches to tried and true experiments and topics. Based on TERC's high-school textbook, Astrobiology, An Integrated Science Approach, these materials do, initially, have the feel of a more formal high school science program, from the standpoint of expected instructor knowledge and from the need for more instructor prep than many Consumers Guide afterschool materials. Reviewers suggest that this is well suited for high achieving high school students and instructors with a strong interest and background in science. It may be ideal for the oft-neglected gifted high school students. For programs serving students interested in space exploration, these tools provide a wonderful hands-on experience to model, observe, and experiment within a well-written and very thoughtfully designed package.

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