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Review Synopsis: by afterschool program expert Shawonda Swain

While the Mission Discovery Horticulture Career Exploration Module is a good tool for horticulture science, many afterschool providers might be scared off by its textbook-like approach and language. If I received this module, I might take out some pieces of it such as the nature walk and art activities but might not use it in its entirety. I would only recommend this module if the afterschool educator conducting the activities is comfortable with this type of science.
Full Review:
The material in this Mission Discovery Horticulture Career Exploration Module gets children out into their community. It will be entertaining for children who like nature activities that include collecting soil or dissecting plants. Some of the art activities will attract children who like drawing. This unit's ability to be entertaining will be determined by the energy and comfort level of the staff member conducting the activities.

What makes this quality science is that there are many hands-on activities that help children see how this particular science affects their everyday lives.

The print in the unit is small and the writing is textbook-like. While most of the time the language is simple, there are times where the science gets pretty dense and it reads more like a school program. Afterschool staff will probably need to understand and digest the information, and present it to the students in an energetic and dynamic way. I think the unit is valuable to the children—as long as the instructor is comfortable with this material.

This unit can easily last for a couple of months, but I am not sure an instructor would repeat it with the same children unless they found some additional activity to relate to the material.