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Reviewer Profiles

Judith Abel - Science Content Expert

Judith Abel is the former Director of Science of District Ten in New York City and Regional Instructional Specialist for Science of Region One which included over 100 schools. In those positions she managed the budget, purchased materials, and oversaw science instruction, professional development and assessment in grades k–8 and high school science. Her responsibilities included developing and implementing specialized science programs for the summer school and for at-risk students. She was also the Superintendent's liaison to a National Science Foundation grant. She is currently a consultant for the Educational Equity Center at AED (Academy for Educational Development) and participates in the Educational Advisory Committee at the New York Botanical Gardens.

Jeff Adkins - Science Content Expert

Jeff Adkins is a high school and college instructor from Antioch, California. His high school (Deer Valley High School) has two planetariums and provides workshops and training to students and teachers in the area. He designed the digital planetarium now in use at the school and is director of the school's space academy, guiding students through research using NASA space probes and more. Mr. Adkins is also a NASA Astrophysics Education Ambassador representing the GLAST mission through Sonoma State University and has conducted many workshops on a variety of topics at the local, state, and national level.

Leif Asper - Science Content Expert

Leif Asper is an elementary grades Science Enrichment Specialist who teaches content and process skills to 760 students in grades 1-5 at a large elementary school in a mid-sized Northern California school district. He actively participates in efforts to develop and provide inquiry-based science enrichment activities to students, both in school and in the after-school hours.

Rick Bonney - Science Content Expert

Rick Bonney directs program development and evaluation at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where he has worked since 1983. He is co-founder of the Lab’s citizen science program, and his research focuses on 1) developing projects in which the public actively engages in scientific investigation and environmental conservation and 2) understanding the social and educational impacts of public involvement in science. He also advises numerous projects throughout North America that are developing exhibits, curricula, interactive web sites, and community programs focused on science. He is co-editor of the second edition of the Lab’s Home Study Course in Bird Biology, which includes the Cornell Handbook of Bird Biology (Princeton University Press, 2004), and has published more than two dozen technical papers, reports, book chapters, and conference proceedings about birds and science education and more than 100 newspaper and magazine articles about birds, natural history, and environmental concerns.

Tom Bromage - Afterschool Program Expert

Tom Bromage serves as the Director of Program Services for Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and is responsible for program development and management for seven facilities, which serve more than 6,500 youth per year. In this role, he develops, manages, evaluates and reports on programs covering the 5 Core Service Areas of Education, Character and Leadership Development, Health and Life Skills, Social Recreation & The Arts and Sports & Fitness.

Judy Caplan - Afterschool Program Expert

Judith Caplan has worked with afterschool programs for the past nine years as a trainer, technical assistance provider and coach. She is co-author of Beyond the Bell: A Toolkit for Creating Effective Afterschool Programs. Currently she is working with Collaborative Communications on the development of professional development resources for afterschool practitioners.

Shaileen Crawford Pokress - Science Content Expert

Shaileen Crawford Pokress is a Senior Research Associate at TERC in Cambridge, MA, where she manages content for MSPnet, a website that supports the work of the Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, funded by the National Science Foundation. Shaileen holds a Master's Degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Her prior experience in after-school science includes curriculum development for Eyes to the Future, an after-school science program for middle-school girls, and mentoring at the Computer Clubhouse Boston.

Emilio De Torre - Afterschool Program Expert

Emilio De Torre is the Director of Youth Programs of the Wisconsin ACLU. He is the former Director of Education Services at the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club where he supervised, implemented, reviewed, and designed supplemental education and technology programs for 6,500 young people at eight Boys & Girls Clubs in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. He previously served as a NYC public school teacher and has consulted on educational matters for many organizations, such as the US Dept. of Education, NYC Dept. of Education, PBS WNET-13, The American Museum of Natural History, Phipps Community Houses, the American Camping Association, and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Nicola De Torre - Science Content Expert

Nicola De Torre, the Lower School Science Coordinator and Science Department Chair at the University School of Milwaukee, works with instructors to evaluate, choose, and present hands-on science curricular materials. She leads collaborative efforts that include faculty throughout the division and leads efforts to communicate with Middle and Upper School faculty to promote the spiraling of content and skills addressed at all levels of the school. Within the Lower School, she has led efforts to integrate science and outdoor education across all disciplines.

Wiliam Epps - Science Content Expert

William Epps has trained and managed instructors at one of New York State’s busiest environmental education centers. He has coordinated in school and afterschool science instruction, created professional development workshops in inquiry-based science, piloted programs in alternative energy for middle schoolers and homeschooled children, and lectured on solar energy. A writer and editor of several elementary science supplements and textbooks for Scholastic Inc., he also developed and wrote an activity guide for the award-winning Chaos: World of Motion physics toy. Epes is a former member of the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators, based on his work editing Scholastic News magazine for third graders.

John Ervin - Afterschool Program Expert

John Ervin serves as Coordinator of After-School Programs at a school district in California's Central Valley. He coordinates after-school programs at 11 elementary and 2 middle school sites. He has experience as an evaluator of after-school programs.

Mia Feldbaum -

Mia Feldbaum has been involved in a variety of afterschool and science related projects over the past several years. Recently she has provided onsite observations for research related to a National Science Foundation grant examining science experimentation during afterschool programs. She also served as a trainer for afterschool professionals and staff for the California School-Age Consortium. Before her work in California, she served as a grant director for the Austin Independent School District in Texas, where she lead a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant at five local urban elementary schools that provided afterschool and summer camp activities. She also administered similar programs at two other Austin area elementary schools. In addition to leading programs, she has also led research on working with children with disabilities and has led backcountry wilderness trips for people with all ages in the U.S. and Canada.

Martin Friedman - Afterschool Program Expert

Martin Friedman is the founder and Executive Director of the National School and Community Corps, an AmeriCorps program, and EducationWorks, a nonprofit he established to house the NSCC and develop new programs. Earlier, he served with the New Jersey Department of Higher Education as Director of the Offices of Teacher Education, College-School Collaboration, Inter-Agency Programs, and Executive Director of the Office of Community Service and Special Programs. While there he directed the New Jersey Math-Science Teaching Improvement Program. He co-chaired the USDOE’s Advisory Committee for the Eisenhower Program and served on the board of the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse at Ohio State University.

Myles Gordon - Science Content Expert

Myles Gordon is Vice President for Education at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City. At AMNH, education focuses on translating the scientific resources of the museum (scientists, research, collections, exhibitions) into programs and materials for a wide range of audiences (schools, students and teachers, preschoolers to seniors, families, communities), onsite, in the New York area and beyond. The Museum has been active in the afterschool arena for the last eight years, including operating a daily afterschool program in the South Bronx for 260 children under The After School Corporation (TASC), developing curriculum, offering training and conducting research.

Sara Granovetter - Afterschool Program Expert

Sara Granovetter has taught and developed curriculum for a variety of after-school programs. She is currently working with GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) to modify this science curriculum for the after-school context. As part of this work she is coordinating a study that seeks to identify the most appropriate instructional formats for this program in the after-school environment.

Peter Guttmacher - Afterschool Program Expert

Peter Guttmacher is the Director of Programming and Curricula Development for the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation. The Trust helps develop and support over 100 afterschool programs across the most underserved parts of the District. Peter has organized and developed science pilots and projects serving dozens of afterschool providers with the following partners: NASA's Afterschool Universe, the National Sciences Resources Center, the National Science Foundation's "Great Science for Girls," AAAS' "Kinetic City," Discovery Creek Children's Museum's "Rolling Rainforest Exhibit," the Franklin Institute's "Girls at the Center," and 4H's "Wonderwise." Peter is a former teacher and writer for Scholastic, the Children's Television Workshop, Chelsea House Publishers, and Crestwood Books. He is also the author of "Legendary Sci-Fi Films" by Barnes and Noble books.

Jim Larson - Afterschool Program Expert

Jim Larson is a candidate for a Masters degree in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He serves as an intern at the Program for Education, After School, and Resiliency at the Harvard Medical School.

Suzy Loper - Science Content Expert

Suzy Loper has taught science in public schools for the last 8 years. Currently she is an educator at a science museum in San Francisco, working with families and groups of students who visit the museum on school field trips.

Monica Mitchell - Science Content Expert

Dr. Monica Mitchell is an Associate with Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) in Washington, D.C. She provides program development and management to mathematics education reform efforts. Her specific expertise is in systemic reform in urban settings, professional development, teacher leadership, standards-based curricula adoption, and evaluation research. As a Senior Program Officer for New Visions for Public Schools, the largest education reform organization serving New York City, she successfully led a mathematics education initiative that achieved student achievement gains at the middle school level for students in economically distressed communities.

Pat Murphy - Science Content Expert

Pat Murphy has served as the Director of Publications at the Exploratorium, San Francisco's hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception for the past 10 years. In this role, she has conceived, managed the creation of, and sometimes served as primary author on sixteen books that provide hands-on math and science experiments for middle-school afterschool leaders, including Exploratopia, a collection of over 400 science experiments and explorations.

Nancy Peter - Afterschool Program Expert

Nancy Peter is the Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Out-of-School Time Resource Center (OSTRC). The OSTRC helps OST staff locate resources and professional development opportunities, evaluates OST staff resources and professional development, and recommends changes in practice and policy. Ms. Peter has a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Behavior, a Masters Degree in Education, is a certified teacher, and is an instructor in PaKeys’ Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education Degree, from the University of Pennsylvania, in "Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum." Before coming to Penn, she worked as the After-School Project Manager in The Best Practices Institute, Philadelphia’s Senior Policy Specialist for Youth and Afterschool, Curriculum Manager for The Fairmount Park Commission, and Director of Education at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Laura Peticolas - Science Content Expert

Laura Peticolas currently serves as an 'Education and Public Outreach Specialist' and is a space scientist and science educator with a Ph.D. in physics. She specializes in the study of the Northern and Southern Lights which are also known as the aurora. Laura works with NASA space science missions to educate the public, teachers, and students about the scientific features of the missions.

Renée Richard-Smith - Afterschool Program Expert

Renée Richard-Smith, founder and executive director of Cinnamongirl Inc., a non-profit corporation that offers programs designed to empower and inspire girls of color to realize their highest personal and professional aspirations. Ms. Richard-Smith develops and leads the implementation of activities that promote educational goal setting, interest in a career, and high self-esteem.

Ronald Skeete - Afterschool Program Expert

Ronald Skeete is an expert in youth development with more than 14 years in the field. He holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Previously he served as an Operations Director for the Madison Square Boys & Girls Clubs in New York City, serving 6,500 kids at seven facilities. He was active on a number of community boards, include Community Board 8 (Brooklyn) where he helped coordinate the first Youth Education and Career Forum to link youth and local professionals. He is a national trainer for the Boys & Girls Club) and a founding Board Member of Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School, a K-7 public school located in Brooklyn. He was recognized for his work with youth by the governor of New York and has been inducted to the National Academy of Boys & Girls Club Professionals and the international honor society Kappa Delta Pi. He currently lives in Georgia where he is a consultant working to improve the quality of various non-profit organizations and is a member of the State's Charter School Association.

Cathy Smith - Science Content Expert

Cathy Smith has been a biological and chemical research technician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 7 years. She has designed and performed experiments for publication. She currently works for a Distinguished Professor in neuroscience and also moonlights as a parent volunteer teacher at her local school district.

Maryann Stimmer - Science Content Expert

Maryann Stimmer coordinates science and mathematics programs at the Educational Equity Center at the Academy for Educational Development. Current programs include After-School Science Plus and After-School Math PLUS, NSF funded programs that bring an equity approach to after-school education in science and mathematics.

Nick Stroud - Science Content Expert

Nick Stroud is an educational consultant and researcher with the American Museum of Natural History and the NYC Department of Education, and has worked closely with The After-School Corporation to train and support afterschool science instructors. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and holds an MA in Astrophysics as well as a BA in Physics and Astronomy.

Shawonda Swain - Afterschool Program Expert

Shawonda Swain is a unit director of the Boys & Girls Club located in downtown Brooklyn. She has 15 years of experience at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Clubs, a non profit organization that provides afterschool programing for youth 6 - 18 years old. She began her tenure with the Club as a part-time recreation counselor and has since held the following positions prior to becoming a unit director five years ago: day camp director, education director, program director.

Janna Taylor - Afterschool Program Expert

Janna Taylor is currently an Ed.M candidate focusing on Human Development and Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She works with the Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency (PEAR), a joint initiative of Harvard University and the McLean Hospital. Her interest and experience with the emerging field of afterschool educational programs stems from her goal to develop afterschool enrichment programs or supplementary educational service organizations that address academic standards.

Gretchen Walker - Science Content Expert

Gretchen Walker is a project manager in the Education Department at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York. She leads AMNH's efforts to develop and support models for learning science in after-school settings. She is also involved in the development and evaluation of in-house educational programs and exhibitions.

Megan Welch - Afterschool Program Expert

Megan M. Welch is a graduate student in the Arts in Education Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency (PEAR), a joint initiative of Harvard University and the McLean Hospital. She has been involved for the past three years in conducting and study of educational outreach. In this role, she has designed study guides for 12 professional theatrical productions. She is currently on the student committee that will host the 2006 Learning With Excitement Conference.

Bernard Zubrowski - Science Content Expert

Bernard Zubrowski is a senior scientist at the Education Development Center in Boston. He has written extensively about science instruction and has designed numerous tools that teachers and students alike have used to engage in scientific inquiry. He was the principle investigator for two curriculum design projects for the out-of-school field.