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BSA STEM Nova/SuperNova

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BSA STEM Nova/SuperNova

Posted: 08/13/2012 05:44 AM
Publisher: Boy Scouts of America
Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Age/grade level: Early elementary, Upper elementary, Middle school,
Target Audience: Girls, Ethnically Diverse Audiences, Starter Programs, Other: Boys
Rating: ***** (5.0 out of 5)
Review submitted by: Rachel Hintz

The materials and activities were engaging and interesting for the kids. ***** 5.0
The instructions were clear and permitted me to prepare to lead this activity in a reasonable time. ***** 5.0
I was able to set up the activity and clean up afterwards without difficulty. ***** 5.0
The materials to do the activities were within my program budget. ***** 5.0
Through activities with these materials, kids got the chance to do and learn some science. ***** 5.0

What was great about it?
The BSA STEM Nova/SuperNova awards can be used by all youth ages regardless of BSA participation; BSA members, including Venture Crew girls, may earn awards through the program. This program is a two-tiered program. The Nova awards are designed to interest youth in STEM by being fun and doable. The SuperNova awards are designed for the youth that is interested in the STEM fields and wants to dig deeper, to do interesting activities using scientific research principles.

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