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Staff, Planning,
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Standards, Research, and Evaluation

Standards Alignment

  • Academic:
    Aligned to the National Science Education Standards for grades 5–8 as well as the 2005 Ocean Literacy Essential Principles & Fundamental Concepts
  • Technology:
    This resource addresses multiple standards identified in the National Educational Technology Standards for Students, which were developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). For more information about these standards, see

Research Base

The developers point to a solid research base for the thematic, interdisciplinary approach to learning employed by Immersion Presents. Studies show this approach is particularly effective in informal settings.

Evaluation Details

A series of evaluations have looked at the development and implementation of Immersion Presents at different stages. The evaluation of the 2005 Immersion Presents afterschool program found that it was effective in engaging a diverse group of participants. It also generated excitement about math and science and interest in pursuing science-related careers.

In 2007, an evaluation of the Law Enforcement & Youth Partnerships for Crime Prevention Initiative—the partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs—showed that Immersion Presents amplified participants' interest in math and science and increased youth engagement in program activities.

Feedback that the developers receive from Boys & Girls Club leaders has informed the Immersion Presents materials and training programs. The majority of Club leaders found the Immersion Presents activities to be exciting, unique, and fun.

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